Matt Nichol Garden Design
Brand Identity & Website

Matt Nichol came to us with a growing portfolio of work to create a new responsive site to showcase his award winning, thoughtfully crafted gardens, and to cement his position amongst the North West’s top up and coming Garden Designers.

As part of the project we refreshed his old brand identity to include a new logotype, type style, colour palette and photography. The overhaul also included new stationery and collateral.

Garden Design
Garden Design

The identity incorporates geometric elements often found within garden design such as simplicity, balance, contrast, line, proportion, repetition and character.

These are incorporated along with the initials of Matt Nichol to create a distinctive MN monogram.

Construction Process

Each of the elements within the letters could easily be perceived as terrain, paving or structures within a garden plan or reflective of space and layout.

The stationery has been executed with a combination of print finishes and die cut details, across an earthy mix of green and stone uncoated paper stock.